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Fighting inequality one unpaid intern
at a time

The Intern’s Foundation is a global nonprofit created by and for interns who are intimately familiar with the challenge of trying to further one’s career development through unpaid work.

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International organizations rely on the support of interns from every background and all levels of expertise but fail to support these interns where it counts.

The Intern's Foundation seeks to change that.

Drawing from our personal experience in the international organization system, we aim to challenge a status quo that relies on the free and unpaid support of interns all over the world, without respecting fair and equitable labor standards and rights. 

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Rawan Solliman always knew she wanted to work in human rights, but when it came time to gain real world experience and apply for internships in the field, she realized just how many opportunities were unpaid. And despite the generous support of family – along with her own savings from working part time – she could not afford the cost of relocating to another country and sustaining herself for months to get the experience she needed.

In many ways Rawan was the perfect candidate. She had a stellar academic record, prior experience in the field, and the determination to apply for dozens of different positions. And when she received an internship offer from OHCHR to work in Geneva, Stipends for Change turned that offer into a reality.

"Interning at the UN has been an incredible opportunity, one only made possible by The Intern's Foundation and Stipends for Change."

Stipends for Change was created for young professionals like Rawan, whose only obstacle stems from the lack of financial capital needed to take on valuable internship opportunities at organizations like the United Nations. This obstacle not only prevents talented individuals from furthering their career development, but promotes an inherent lack of diversity at international organizations. TIF believes we can change that, and it starts with equitable pay. 

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The Intern's Foundation works to create a network of resources for current and future IO interns by way of various workshops, events, a mentorship program, and funding for unpaid internships.


We partner with diverse international agencies and professionals from all sectors to help close the gaps between current and future leaders in the field.

Where We Work


Whether you are a past, present or future intern, we invite you to join our fight for equitable representation in the International Organization space.

We also invite professionals in the system, staff, personnel, former IO workers to join out fight for a more equitable and fair future for the International Community.

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