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Step One

Before our application opens, candidates are asked to enter basic personal information in our pre-registration form. We will notify the candidate when the call for applications is open and inform them of upcoming TIF activities.

Step Two

We will have an initial application where the candidate will need to briefly explain why they would be the perfect ambassador for TIF and paid IO internships.

We will not require difficult personal statements nor cover letters, just some brief questions and a CV.

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Step Three

We have a series of prompts about the candidate's motivations and reflections on unpaid internships.

Additionally, we will ask the candidate to write an optional essay, answering their preferred prompt.

We encourage applicants to be creative and share your thoughts.

Step Four

A select few will be invited to the interview round.

The purpose of the interview will be to get acquainted with the candidate and ask our final questions.

Step Five

Once selected, together with a TIF member, the recipient will be asked to fill in a budget plan. This will determine the necessary amount of the stipend to cover housing, insurances, and all previously mentioned costs. Furthermore, as confirmation, the recipient will submit the final proof-of-internship documents.

Step Six

With the help of TIF, we encourage the recipient to utilize our resources and network to maximize their internship experience.

TIF will occasionally check in on the recipient's progress.

Step Seven

Upon completion, the recipient is expected to write a reflection of their experience within their internship and as a TIF ambassador.

Step Eight

We hope the recipient will continue to embody TIF's values and strive for the eradication of unpaid internships.

The stipend recipient will be considered an Ambassador of TIF and thus will be included in various TIF activities, which require the Ambassador to participate in and represent TIF appropriately. Amongst others, TIF ambassadors participate as panelists on interns panels, attend seminars, and interact with new, incoming ambassadors and mentees.

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