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MENTIO aims to connect current and aspiring IO interns with current IO personnel and staff. The program was created as an initiative to help bridge resource gaps in the IO internship system.


Our goal is to enhance the career advancement of young professionals while creating a global community of past, present, and future leaders in the IO space.


The extent and scope of the mentor-mentee relationship are defined by the capacities of the respective mentor and mentee. TIF merely functions as a coordinating body that matches suitable individuals according to their respective availabilities, specializations, and interests.

Program Details


I am an aspiring/current intern! What can I expect?

  • An opportunity for you to ask questions and have conversations surrounding anything you might be curious about in relation to working in an international organization. 

  • Get advice from an industry professional, further your career development, and join our growing network of young professionals working to advocate for intern rights. 

  • Gain insights beyond the scope of the organization/team where you work, and make the most of your internship experience.

Ready to get started? 

I work at an IO/NGO/nonprofit. How can I participate?

  • By creating a space for open communication between current and aspiring leaders in the IO system. Share your perspectives as a professional and help the next generation gain a better understanding of what to expect moving forward. 

  • Be available to answer questions and give advice on topics related to working in an IO, career advancement, or anything in between.

  • Commit one (or more) meeting per month to your mentee in order to create an ongoing dialogue where interns feel comfortable sharing their concerns and talking about their experiences. 

Ready to get started?

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The Intern's Foundation has teamed up with Humanitarian Women's Network to launch MENTIO, an initiative designed to connect aspiring individuals to mentors in their respective fields.


HWN is a growing network of over 11,000 women from 75 countries and a diverse range of professions utilizing peer support and global advocacy to create an environment where women can thrive in the humanitarian industry free from discrimination, harassment and abuse.

With their support, we can help bridge the gap for many young professionals who would otherwise be more than capable of thriving in the field of international organizations and/or the humanitarian space.

Image by CoWomen
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